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IDII by PanDemoniumAeon IDII :iconpandemoniumaeon:PanDemoniumAeon 6 11
Mature content
Dead Children :iconpandemoniumaeon:PanDemoniumAeon 11 14
Mature content
Juxtaposition :iconpandemoniumaeon:PanDemoniumAeon 5 5
Lamentable cries of the night,
Rustling of steps from afar I can hear,
She comes uncalled, perhaps unwelcomed...
But i call, i welcome and i keep,
Your words lull well, so soft and sweet,
Third month because of them I cannot sleep.
Again, again you came to me insomnia!
I recognize your face.
What is it devine beauty? what is it lawless moon?
Dont you like my melancholic tune?
Sit with me, tell me something new.
Windows curtained with white cloth,
Blue twilight streaming,
Motionless sad haze...
Or are we comforted by from afar news?
Why am I so at ease with you?
:iconpandemoniumaeon:PanDemoniumAeon 3 10
Mature content
2000 years of Filth :iconpandemoniumaeon:PanDemoniumAeon 2 8
Mature content
... :iconpandemoniumaeon:PanDemoniumAeon 1 2
Mature content
Twisting insanity :iconpandemoniumaeon:PanDemoniumAeon 4 5
Mature content
Grand Games of Primordial Keep :iconpandemoniumaeon:PanDemoniumAeon 2 2
Abandoned plains,
Where mourning shadows sad and tired,
Roam in silence amongst the fields,
Bones in blood stained soil,
Earth eternal tomb.
Mist, white shroud,
Cloaked earth.
Their home so far away,
For long their mothers hoped,
Silhouettes from others side,
But few came home.
In Cold frontline dugouts,
They saw their childhood dreams,
Seems they grew up so soon.
And still they hear,
Soft screams of war.
Chained to earth by mist.
And neither want or fault.
Sirens singing melancholic tunes,
For dead condemned.
To fight illusions.
Dark sky there cries.
Eternal mist sepulchral veil.
Cold winds whisper prayers.
Flutters graves of evergreen.
:iconpandemoniumaeon:PanDemoniumAeon 6 10
no name
Wells forgotten and frozen, faded heather,
And I watch the sun streaming amongst cold slopes of the sky,
Losing remains of its warmth,
Mountainsides color of night, dry soil color of blood,
Blue eyes of north kin remind of ice crystals.
Amongst foreign shores, intertwining of contradictions,
In our eyes intertwining of pain and of rage,
Whirlwinds dissected with patterns by wings,
In the howl of the wind I reminisce the songs of valkiries,
Sky ripped open, sea dissected with jaws of the dragon,
It’s the moon I await every night who I love,
Only she may comfort.
I wont sleep, I am the child of the gods my fate is well known!
Uncalled insomnia following through foreign lands!
Grief tearing on beating heart streaks frozen tears,
Melancholic incantations feed raging insanity,
Bursting wails desire to flee where we were born.
Silver cold underground waters, mirror, please show us home.
Eternal evergreen forests sleeping under glistering blanket, mists ghostly veil.
Long is the daylight
:iconpandemoniumaeon:PanDemoniumAeon 6 8
Inside the long forgotten dungeons,
The devil playing hide and seek,
He will shut your eyes with darkness,
exchange the corners in the dark,
squeeze by naked walls,
suffocate with numbness,
there at the lowest levels are wooden doors, doors,
behind the doors are creatures, creatures,
no matter if alone,
walls will grab you drag you,
breathing strangely, breathing hard,
vaguely feeling with your back,
shadows creeping from behind,
trembling, trembling cannot cry,
hearing shuffling as if a laughter,
squeaks and rustling all around,
pay the heed and not a sound.
walls are bleeding with old pain,
ceiling blinking with an eye,
bright and yellow,
changing place,
shadows trembling like a ripple,
moving, moving, warning, warning,
at every turn there is a haze,
larvae’s whistling from the corners,
eating, eating gloom and dark,
not a sound you can hear,
only heartbeat, beating beating,
footsteps echo on the stones,
eyes are watching, blinking blinking,
solid is the moist and vicious cold,
:iconpandemoniumaeon:PanDemoniumAeon 1 3
In the night
The darkness breathes
Ghosts and spirits
Whisper softly to me
Shadows of things that no one can see
Sit with me
When I sit alone
In the dark
Cards are shown
And my dreams
Become real
In the shadows I meet
Never knowing what is real
In the answers I seek
Never know what is true
Death and life
Truth and lies
Every thought is well disguised
And somewhere out there
The shadows gaze
As I walk through the maze
Admit in every life
There comes a time
To join the death
In her eternal dance
And in the dark
I take her hand
To final waltz
Embracing the dark
I don’t want this life before me
I don’t want to make decisions
I don’t want to be uncertain
To what lies behind the final curtain
All I want is midnight visions
Eternal silence
Forgotten knowledge
Away from her
The timeless fate
Who drifts through the lives
Tossing coins into the air
Watch them twist
Watch them fall
Turning hope to despair
On this night of ghosts returning
All things I want are now before me
:iconpandemoniumaeon:PanDemoniumAeon 7 16
Keeper of the keys to darkest secrets of cold northern oceans,
beyond that of their vision, their understanding.
Blessed by pale Hecate, bornless one.
Standing at crossroads, wolves pleading for blood.
Heavenly canines walk with your mistress.
Your only mother.
Illuminating darkest of nights.
Guardians of astral gates to parallel realms.
Thu their father the Breastplate of Righteousness.
serenity, independence, sense of justice of honor.
Hold respect for fore fathers, our mothers.
Devoid of pity.
Lurid vision of Hermanubis, messenger, guardian.
Marked by spiral, the beginning of the end.
Union of two halves, union of spirit and soul.
Reach immortality.
Ascended, due to underworlds guardian loss,
Taking her place.
Wearing the emerald engraved into silver.
Gift to those who lost the possession of others.
Sentimentality, understanding, feeling the pain.
Birth to genocide, the necessity. Use cruelty to conceive peace.
:iconpandemoniumaeon:PanDemoniumAeon 15 11
The ends of snowy blizzard waiting for warmth and rain.
Sanctuary, the final form of dual loves depiction.
Tied but not, by silver thread you hold so tight.
Depict the struggle between the spirit and the soul
Eternally will face the opposite directions.
The last of twelve possessing understanding of eleven.
Melancholy and sorrow, isolation is your prison.
Reign amongst the underground silent waters where one shall
hear hearts echo, reading livid specters of ones self.
Denies oneself in exchange for unknown wisdom.
Beyond humanities perception.
Lying underneath the sands of Neptune
Where amongst the silent darkness light remains.
Hardened tears of undines spilt,
Illuminating moonlight.
It holds presence of your spirit, of your touch.
So dual, cool and silent.
Vanity of Venus.
Poseidon’s touch leads untamable and wild,
Livid creatures born from waves and foam,
Birth of cosmic powers amongst the waters depth,
Arising within the first born ocean.
:iconpandemoniumaeon:PanDemoniumAeon 22 5
You burn with autumn amongst the blood red leave fall.
Crawl and whisper with the winds.
Baptize those of now with murky essence.
Elements of coolest water,
Serenity of fastest rivers, deepest lakes.
Eagle screams prophesizing, honoring Moirae's.
Serpents coil baring fangs sacrificing venom, for you the sweetest drink.
Bless with intensity, passion, and power luring hypnotic demons of dreams.
Cruelty, cunning exceeding the bounds.
Saggita by virtue gifted and armed with a sting.
Of pain and bloodletting embodies silence, virtue of self discipline.
Under Orpheus gift dance along serpentine scales.
With you they master arts of ancients.
Two pairs of four depicting eight, your domain,
The house of death where ve been conceived.
Phoenix there rejoices.
As you give you take another as payment for your gifts.
Amongst  god's bargain with brutal force.
Dressed by Ares in iron armor of human flesh and blood,
Rejoice in plenteous bloodshed and in carnage more than in plunder.
Hades jok
:iconpandemoniumaeon:PanDemoniumAeon 7 5
Charon and Styx
It coils and writhes
As if a serpent
Nine times it circles.
Guarding tartarus abysses.
Its waters dark and murky.
For centuries muddied by the damned.
Reaching to grasp the darkness,
Moaning and crying,
Pleading to the deaf and to the blind.
Its banks wash blood ashore.
Where shadows roam in silence,
Awaiting, longing,
Despair and agony they echo,
Never cease.
There eternal boat
Shrouded by gloom of bloody vapors
Alone it is.
Gliding through the poison fumes.
Its ferryman,
The son of Erebus and Nyx,
Union of night and darkness.
For obulus
He ll take the spirit to beyond.
Cross the stygian ferry.
As old as river.
he ve seen and ve heard
all mankind.
their miseries their worth’s.
he knows things that better not be known.
He fears no things that gods do fear.
He is like river.
He as her were the beginning,
So shall be the end.
Both kings and beggars,
Strong and weak,
End up before them.
To them all human filth is equal.
Devoid of pity he cares not,
Nor does the river,
:iconpandemoniumaeon:PanDemoniumAeon 6 6


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Iaroslavna Karpova
Favourite genre of music: Dark/Death/synphonic metal/Heavy depressing music/Dark Ambient
Favourite style of art: Dark/Gothic/Realistic
Personal Quote: If you wouldst dress the dead and play amongst them thou shalt join their ranks


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